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passive fields,january 2012

taken from God,forgivers...left out in the dark to play.....

21 May 1974
from Glasgow Scotland,i have a varied taste in music,but home is the EBM/Industrial scene,and favourite bands include VNV Nation,Pride and Fall,Covenant,Apoptygma Berzerk,Neuroticfish to name but a few.i love music,and occasionaly write music and lyrics when the mood takes me,currently started work on one electronic project with a friend,and starting a second with another friend.i read constantly,favourite authors include Michael Slade,Raymond Feist,Terry Pratchett,R A Salvatore,Clive Barker and many many more.i enjoy a good film as well!!
i can usually be found at Bedlam in Glasgow when it's on,as well as various gigs,and the occasional European festival.i try and make as many nights out as i can when the funds/time allows!!i love a good clubnight,and tend to dance my ass off after a "few" jagers and beers - sometimes after too many of these lmao! :P
im a friendly open person who likes a laugh,and remain optimistic in the face of adversity.or just in general!!i'm extremely patient,and it takes a lot to "push my buttons".i am also a source of all kinds of useless information!! :P
i also co-maintain 2 communities on lj;

dark_city_edinb - a community for the Dark City Festival in Scotland

pride_and_fall - a community for fans of the band Pride and Fall

just to let you all know,if you're gonna add me,then please comment on the "friends only" post,as due to issues with someone who will remain un-named (he knows who he is) this journal is strictly friends only.

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80s, aiboforcen, alice in chains, alien sex fiend, amatis, ancient egypt, angels and agony, anne rice, anthrax, apoptygma berzerk, art, art fantastix, assemblage23, ayria, bauhaus, bedlam, bjork, books, boris vallejo, bruderschaft, classical music, clubs, collide, colony5, combichrist, covenant, cruxshadows, cut.rate.box, cyber, dark city, darkwave, depeche mode, dorian cleavenger, drawing/designing, ebm, eddie izzard, electro, electropop, elysium, escher, faith no more, ferry corsten, fields of the nephilim, films/dvds, friends, front line assembly, funker vogt, futurepop, glis, godmodule, good things, goth, guitars, history, horrorist, hugs, icon of coil, imperative reaction, industrial, infest, julie bell, kmfdm, lacuna coil, laughter, led zeppelin, life, lights of euphoria, lorenzo sperlonga, lost, luis royo, masks, matt hughes, megadeth, mera luna, metal, metallica, mind.in.a.box, moonspell, mother love bone, motley crue, music, mythology, nebula-h, neuroticfish, nin, noda, olivia, pantera, pearl jam, people, photography, piercings, pink floyd, pride and fall, project pitchfork, r a salvatore, rammstein, raymond e feist, reading, revolution by night, rock, rotersand, rpgs, salvador dali, seize, sex, siouxsie, sisters of mercy, sitd, slayer, soman, songwriting, soundgarden, specimen, suicide commando, synthpop, systemfx, tattooing, tattoos, temple of the dog, terry pratchett, testament, the beatles, the crow, the cult, the cure, the mission, tony mauro, tool, travel, vampires, venician masks, vnv nation, women, writing, wumpscut